"I moved to the Portland area a couple of years ago and tried multiple pilates and barre studios before discovering Move ME. Within minutes of taking a private lesson with Melissa I knew Move ME was the perfect fit! Melissa is not only warm and welcoming but also an incredibly knowledgeable pilates instructor. I started going to Move ME while I was also going to physical therapy for some issues with my upper back. Pilates was the perfect complimentary exercise to add to my physical therapy sessions. Melissa took the time to ask about my back issues and provided modifications for any exercises I struggled with. Since I have been taking classes at Move ME I have noticed a big improvement in my posture and back issues. Even my physical therapist pointed out the improvement and felt that pilates had a big part in it. Melissa is a joy to be around and I always leave her classes feeling stronger physically and mentally!"



I" initially came to Move ME to begin an exercise program to augment my weight loss efforts.  Although I had taken just a few Pilates classes in the past, I really was a true novice.  I choose Move ME because they offered both mat as well as reformer classes, parking was convenient and the size of the studio suited my preference.  I stayed with Move ME because of Melissa’s experienced, knowledgable approach and commitment to teaching. She always offers variety and tailors workouts to keep students challenged and continually improving.  I look forward to Pilates every week, and highly value taking a combination of private reformer sessions, group reformer sessions and virtual mat classes.  I’ve gotten stronger, more flexible, and more confident as a result.  In-studio mat classes, Barr and a variety of On-Demand offerings are available as well. If you are interested in trying Pilates as a beginner, I believe you will find Melissa very approachable and she will work with you to gain strength and flexibility while providing a truly enjoyable experience.  If you are a seasoned practitioner of Pilates, Melissa can provide workouts to keep you challenged and engaged.  There is something for everyone!"



"Melissa's classes have made life during the pandemic a lot brighter.  I first started taking classes from her at a studio in Massachusetts years ago.  I think I can speak for her entire cadre of students - we were feeling very low when she announced her move to Portland - their gain for sure, but our loss.  Then came lockdowns here and real concerns about containing Covid.  I found she was teaching virtual classes , and I consider that find to be one of the few high points of this year.  What was true in person is true virtually:  she always has a smile in her voice , and I feel welcomed; her classes are constantly being reworked so there is NO boredom factor; she has grace and strength and is beautiful to watch, at the same time offering alternatives to modify for those of us with age or injuries. My body feels better, I feel stronger, my recurrent back issues have been vastly minimized, I feel more hopeful, and I always look forward to class.  Thanks, Melissa for those gifts."



"Considering a class at Move ME?  Do it!  I chose it in part because of the broad range of classes (it's not just your hot yoga), and participation options like studio, OnDemand, Livestream, and Private.  Results will likely be more than you expect.  I signed up early 2019, more for my mind but after a while a long time "hunch" in my back was gone thanks to increased core strength.  After a class I feel balanced, energetic, and stronger.  Every. Single. Time.  Melissa's passion comes through-- it's absolutely contagious, and Maine is lucky to have Move ME for our health and wellbeing.  Thank you!"



"I have been attending Pilates and Barre classes at Move ME between 3-4 times per week. I found her studio just because I live locally, and was just looking for something to move my muscles regularly without any strict goals of a gym routine trying to lose weight... just to be more active. I've done barre classes before, but never as consistently as I initially hoped to, and never felt like I was improving because of it.

I started at her studio at the EXACT right time - right before we were hit with staying at home. Melissa's classes have honestly been the exact consistency I needed to get through this crazy year we're in. If I were to describe her in one word, it would be 'committed.' She was and is there in her studio, often by herself, showing up for her clients every day.

Her classes are particularly great because of a few things:
1) Her playlists are spot on. I've always really liked the music which makes it easier to get through the exercises.
2) I don't know how she verbally gives instruction through every single move, but she does. She walks you exactly through each motion so you actually do not even have to be looking at her (in person or through a screen).
3) Her choreography is well-balanced so even on a tough exercise, I know it won't last long and we'll be switching it up. 


If anyone is considering taking a class, I would highly encourage it. My legs have never looked better, I feel strong and able, and I am not suffering from typical mid-thirties aches and pains. I started seeing a chiropractor a few months ago, and she right away noticed my flexibility and she was even (dare I say impressed?) with the movement and stretch in my lower back from the start (noting that I sit at a desk all day 9-5). Melissa's commitment to truly helping others is just the support you need."