Private Lessons

Private lessons are available whether you are brand new to Pilates or are a regular Pilates participant, private Pilates lessons offer an individualized experience to meet an individualized goal that is not as easily achievable in a group class.  Group classes are fun, energizing and great workouts but can only take you so far.  Pilates is deep, rich and complex in the layers of modifying or accelerating the movement.




A MINIMUM of 3 private lessons are required before taking group EquipMEnt classes. Students often choose to take more privae lessons than the 3 because working one on one with an instructor can really increase your understanding and accelarate your progress.

Minimum 3 private lessons are required to join EquipMEnt classes

New Client Intro 

3 private lessons $180


Single lesson $85

5 lessons $390

10 lessons $750