• Melissa Connolly

Why take private Pilates lessons?

Whether you are brand new to Pilates or are a regular Pilates participant, private Pilates lessons offer an individualized experience to meet an individualized goal that is not as easily achievable in a group class. Group classes are fun, energizing and great workouts but can only take you so far. Pilates is deep, rich and complex in the layers of modifying or accelerating the movement.

And here are 5 reasons to think about taking up a private lesson.


You will understand the correct form that is fit individually for your body and the ideal spring setting that is fit to your body. You will receive a catered workout that is in line with your individual goals and works with you.


Private Pilates classes are great if you are working with any health concerns, injuries or any other limitations. We can adapt , modify and figure out what modifications might be a good option if you join a group class.


If you have been taking Pilates regularly and want to advance your Pilates practice we can work up to more challenging repertoire in a safe and inspiring way. We can add more variety with exercises into your routine than you can’t get in an all levels group class.


You can expect to see faster results. You will get corrections that allow you to execute each movement properly which will accelerate your progress.


Pick your instructors brain. I have been teaching Pilates for 20 years and have been a Balanced Body teacher trainer for 10. I have a wealth of information that I can share that does not always come across in groups. Ask me! This is your time!

There is a learning curve to the Pilates method and those of you who are new to Pilates it is required to take at a MINIMUM 2 private Pilates lessons. In Pilates EquipMEnt classes, it is required that you have a basic understanding of how the equipment works, any modifications or adjustments you may need to make and a basic idea of the sequence of exercises.

After you have been taking Pilates for some time you also may find that you want to dive deeper or have found that you want extra help or attention in certain exercises. A private lesson or a few may be just what you need to jump to the next level!

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