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What is Move ME?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

What is Move ME?

Move ME is a welcoming and friendly boutique fitness studio that cares about how you are moving and supports you to move well. We promote healthy moveMEnt for everybody! No prior experience necessary and ALL fitness levels welcome!

The classes at Move ME are designed to bring us to a more balanced, functional and holistic state with the 3 holistic techniques of Pilates, Barre and Yoga.

Our Pilates classes take place in both the equipment room and each class you will use the Reformer, the Springboard, the Exo Chair and the Arc barrel. In the mat room we practice on the mat and use small props such as the Magic Circle, the theraband, light weights and a small ball. The method is effective in strengthening and mobilizing your body and follows the 6 Pilates principals:

· Control

· Concentration

· Centering

· Precision

· Breath

· Flowing movement

In our Barre classes we take the best of the original Lotte Berk Method which is super effective at toning muscles in your “seat”, your thighs, arms and abs. We spend half of the class at the ballet barre and use small props such as balls, bands and weights. Our Barre class is infused with Balanced Body Movement and Pilates principals to create:

· A high energy class set to an upbeat playlist to get us through the series

· A FUN and safe workout

· A class that can be accommodated for all fitness levels and ages

· An opportunity to tone muscles with small isometric movements

The unique approach to the Yoga classes offered at Move ME:

· We work slowly and mindfully but very deeply and effective

· We use the Pilates Principals during our mindful yoga flows

· We offer a general level class that follows a slow Vinyasa based flow

· We also offer a chair yoga class that is great for those with limitations or wanting more of a relaxed meditative experience

· We provide a movement experience that brings us into a journey of harmony and balance

· The movement feels good for the body and relaxes the nervous system

The blend of moveMEnt offerings at Move ME are not only good for the body, but good for the mind and in turn good for the spirit. At Move ME I am dedicated to give each a person a beneficial workout that will suit their body and get the most optimal results without stress or strain. What is practiced in class will physically make you stronger, more supple and bring awareness and proficiency to your body.

When you finish any of the classes at Move ME you will feel amazing! You will look forward to returning and trying a different style class. Mind-body moveMEnt is mood enhancing and can lead to a healthier and overall happier lifestyle.

If you are unsure where to start just ask! I would love for you to join in our healthy moveMEnt experience!

melissa@movemepilates.com (207)401-5505

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