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What is Barre class like?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Just in the last few years barre classes have skyrocketed! Barre exercise classes originated in 1959 when German dancer Lotte Berk opened up The Lotte Berk Method in London. After suffering a back injury, Lotte Berk got the idea combining her ballet barre training with rehabilitative therapy, fitness and yoga, and thus The Lotte Berk Method was born. In 1971 the intense mind-body method was introduced to the United States when Lydia Bach, one of Lotte’s students, opened The Lotte Berk Method in Manhattan. The Barre roots can be traced back to the days of Lotte berk. but each studio and each teacher may have their own spin on the method.

I was introduced to Barre in 2008 and was immediately hooked and intrigued to learn more! My teaching was initially influenced through Pilates and professional dance experience. As a faculty member instructing Pilates teacher trainings for Balanced Body I became one of the first faculty to instruct Balanced Body Barre instructor trainings, learning it directly from Zayna Gold, who trained at the original Lotte Berk studio in New York and is the founder of Barre for Balanced Body. I have lead many Barre instructor trainings and certified many successful and talented instructors and have also held continuing education workshops for Barre choreography.

At Move ME Barre classes are an exceptional workout routine that combines elements of dance training, Pilates, yoga and fitness into an efficient, effective and fun workout. The classes are choreographed to amazing, upbeat music, provide muscle toning with small isometric “pulsing” movements, dance based movements that anyone can follow and functional exercises.

Barre class is high intensity interval (yet) low impact training. We hold a position that is taken from dance training and work in "one inch" micro movements to fatigue and strengthen the isolated muscle group. After the muscle is fully worked we elongate and stretch the muscles out. By using your own bodyweight or light (2 lb. weights) as resistance you will challenge your “seat”, thighs, core stability, balance, and upper body strength. Barre workouts are not only very effective but they are also sexy and fun!

I love teaching a really great Barre class because I am MOVED by the beat of the music. When I feel the need to break a sweat, feel my muscles shake and burn and really want to go for a toning workout that is driven by an upbeat rhythm I do barre. I love the community feel in a barre class when we are all moving in sync together, feeling the burn together and all the while having a really great time! I have a passion for leading a strong class with positive and inspiring energy.

When you walk into Move ME you will notice it is designed similar to a dance studio with an open space with mirrors and barres surrounding the room. The classes are 55 minutes long and follow a structure to include a full body warm up, then isolated upper body work, time spent at the barre isolating the legs and seat, mat work for your seat thighs and abdominals, followed by a long luxurious, well deserved stretch. After a Barre class your muscles might feel shaky and you might be sweaty but I’m pretty sure you will feel happy and energized too!

Since barre classes are low impact (with high intensity) they are available for all levels and within the class the exercises can be customized to fit all fitness levels and ages. I have much experience in teaching a class filled with multi levels, ages and injuries and can challenge anybody where they are at.

Classes will be starting (sometime in) February....

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