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Pilates and Barre Gift Guide/ YOUR Wish List

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Working out at home has never been an easier option as it has had to become in 2020. And now… Can you believe we're entering the holiday season? I’m not sure where the year went, but I’m happy to bring some joy with some items that might interest you in keeping up with your Pilates and Barre practice!

The following items are both essential in the at home workout classes and a few extra that I really love and you might enjoy as well! (click on the photo for the link)

1.Extra long Theraband

To both assist in strength training your muscles and then assisting them with a good stretch!

Purchase from Move ME for $12

2. Pilates Ball

This is a Pilates and Barre MUST! We will use this handy little ball in every single class!

3. Magic circle Because who couldn’t use a little magic in their workout! And, hello inner thighs!!!

4. Light Hand Weights 1-3 pounds is all you need. Keeping your arms lifted while using very light weights is guaranteed to tone your arms. In Barre and Pilates these light weights will target the smaller stabilizing muscles.

5. Pilates Mat This is different than your thin yoga mat. Especially in a Pilates class you need the extra cushion to support your spine during all of the spinal articulation work. Too thin of a mat and your rolling like a ball is not going to feel so great. We want to massage the spine, not bruise it!

6. Grip socks

Grip socks are a must in Pilates and Barre because: They have grips that won’t let your feet slide when you either need to have your feet grounded during a barre exercise or if you are standing on the reformer carriage; they will keep your feet warm during our upcoming winter months; they will hide your winter feet; they can be cute and colorful; and lastly they are sanitary when you are in the studio.

Purchase from Move ME $12 (New fun socks on the way!!!)

7. Reformer Fit This is your own personal cover that goes over the reformer carriage and shoulder rests. It was developed in the spring of 2020 when we all became more cautious of sanitization. If you are a Pilates equipment client you can check this out for your next reformer class. This is NOT required.... But if you feel better with that extra layer between you and the reformer this is a good option!

8. Yeti water bottle I am a big supporter in keeping hydrated. During classes you will often hear me tell you to get some water! I know I need a lot of it and I know you should drink a lot too!

9.Pilates Arc barrel

Those of you in the Pilates Equipment room are familiar with the arc and how amazing of a little piece this is! It stretches your spine and works your core. It is an awesome little piece!!! I will be adding an arc barrel 30 minute video to Move ME On Demand.


10. Move ME Pilates On Demand

You can expect some full length live Barre and Pilates classes to be uploaded plus shorter specialty classes including stretch classes, core work, prop based classes, leg focused classes etc. to be uploaded. There is something for various levels and time lengths. And you can exercise any time!!!

Happy Holidays ! I hope you give yourself the gift of health and positivity this holiday season!

Much love xoxo


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