• Melissa Connolly

My 5 daily routines I keep during social distancing for my well being

What is helping you to get through this time of social isolation?

These are the 5 habits that are helping me get through the day to day and feel somewhat normal.

Sticking with my morning routine

I am still waking up at my regular time and continuing as if I am going about a normal day. I shower, get dressed, put on makeup and do my hair (every day). Getting ready and “put together” makes me feel more like me and instantly boosts the way I feel about myself. I then do my cleaning routine in my house that includes dishes, laundry, making beds and cook a nourishing breakfast for my family and I. This helps me start my day centered and organized.

Getting out for a daily walk with my family

We need fresh air and sunshine! It is good for the soul! So far the weather has been 20 degrees, then snowing, then raining, and sunny and cold… Doesn’t matter! We are getting fresh air and outside activity NO MATTER WHAT!

Eating healthy

Many of us tend to eat more when the kitchen is right there. My tips for healthy eating are to eat well balanced nourishing meals and be mindful about what you are snacking on. Limit the processed food while snacking and focus on real whole foods. I know that when I eat enough balanced nutrition at each meal I tend to not even think about snacking in between.

Drink more water. A good baseline is to divide your body weight in half and drink that amount in ounces. (More if you exercise!) Drink a BIG glass when you wake up and in between meals. And for every cup of coffee or alcohol follow up with 2 cups of water.


This is a pillar of my self care practice. It helps to slow down the micro stresses accumulated throughout the day and calms my nervous system. I have been meditating since I was 10 years old and truly do not feel centered when I am not practicing meditation. Now than ever is a good time to meditate and breath. Simply sit or lie down for 10-20 minutes and take slow deep calming breaths. Don’t worry about any thoughts that come to your mind. Just breath…


Exercise gets us out of our head, connects mind to body, creates endorphins, keeps us sane, strong and healthy! Even if Move ME is closed along with other fitness studios and gyms there are ways to move our bodies every day. Besides getting outside, I am now offering virtual classes happening in real time. Alternatively you can follow along with my You Tube videos or Pilates Anytime videos.

Your schedule and life is unique to you and my routine is unique to me. Doing these 5 non negotiable daily practices helps with my mood, energy levels and optimism. What healthy habits can you maintain or implement in your current situation?

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