• Melissa Connolly

A body in motion tends to stay in motion!

Happy 2021!

Even if resolutions are a bit cliché I really believe that the start to a new year is a great time to take inventory of your past year and create goals and try to uplevel yourself for the following year.

After 2020 I really think taking that extra step to become more healthy will benefit your mood, your mind and your body in so many ways! Lets look at our exercise habits and try to get in more movement this year and if you have been in a rut during 2020 time to MOVE out of it!

Here is to moving More in 2021!

I truly believe that physical exertion leads to increased happiness! I know it in myself and I see it in every person that walks in and out of the Pilates studio doors!

Even if we know exercise is good for us and makes us feel better it can be hard to get back into our healthy routines after we have been out of it for a while or just the holidays. If you have taken a break from Pilates or Barre it can be hard to get back into it! Right? The longer you stay away the more challenging it is going to be to jump back into it. A body at rest tends to stay at rest.

The hardest part is to get the initial motivation to get you to your workout. You may have been sitting all day at work… it is dark and cold outside… you haven’t taken a class in months… But, once you get into the studio or log into the exercise class online the hardest part is done!

You made it!

Now just enjoy the movement and let the feel good endorphins flow!!!

When you have a regular workout routine scheduled out and you’re consistently into the swing of things, how easy is it to keep going? A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

I really believe that once you begin to put your body into motion it will want to move even more. Once I start moving my body with a workout I am IN IT! I love the way my body and mind feel with regular exercise and when I skip my workouts I really do miss them.

I am personally giving myself or taking an online Pilates Equipment class twice per week, getting outside to walk more and have a 10 minute stretching routine that I will incorporate daily. All in addition to the Barre and Pilates mat classes I teach.

I feel much better the MORE I MOVE!

Schedule it in my friends! Put your Pilates and Barre classes on your calandar and stay committed for the gift of health to yourself!

Uplevel your health and exercise for 2021!!!

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