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6 stretches to incorporate into your routine if you want to feel more limber, relaxed and less sore

DO you feel sore?

I often do feel sore!

Pilates and barre might incorporate stretching but they are not stretching workouts. In fact they are strengthening workouts that include mobility and lengthening. If you are doing as much Barre and Pilates as I am (plus anything else that I know many of you do including, walking, running and skiing) then you need to stretch too!

One of my New Years goals was to stretch EVERY day! I do my 10 minute stretching routine as soon as I wake up in the morning while the coffee is brewing. The reason why I am dedicated to stretching is because I feel less sore, it relaxes my body and makes me feel less achy.

For an all over stretching routine here are some that are great to include:

1) Neck

· Slow neck circles in both direction

2) Back

Cat Cow

3) Gluts

Lie on your back and flex your right foot, take the right ankle to the outside of your left thigh

Hold under your left thigh and gently pull into a figure four stretch

4) Hamstrings

Lie on your back and place either a theraband, a magic circle or a towel under your foot

Start with your bottom knee bent feeling that your hips stay equally weighted on the mat

Progress to extend the bottom leg out on the mat

5) Hip flexor

Begin kneeling and lunge one leg forward

Track your knee over your ankle

Relax your hips down

Back knee can be down (support the knee with padding) Or back knee can be lifted

6) Standing Quad stretch

Stand tall and hold the outside of your right foot.

Bring your thighs together and in line with each other

Tuck your tailbone under

I know stretching is not top priority for most people! It can be uncomfortable and you often do not see the physique goals. I do not always want to carve out the time to stretch I want to jump into the core, the cardio, the burning exercises too!!! But if you do take time to stretch regularly your body WILL feel better both during a workout and after your workouts.

If you enjoy more of a flow rather than a static stretch follow this You Tube video of stretching.

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